Top 5 Bold Web Series: The Five Most Bold Web Series Of All Time, Full Of Dirty Scenes, Watch The Video Alone

Top 5 Bold Web Series

Top 5 Bold ULLU Web Series: Nowadays people are liking OTT platforms a lot. Most of the films are released on such platforms. After the advent of the digital age, the trend of web series has also started gaining momentum. The web series has a lot of romance and hot and intimate scenes as the audience is crazy about this kind of content. Today we have brought the top 5 bold web series released on ULLU app.

Doraha web series

The series is about four individuals who face different levels of complications. Two couples in love with others but together. The complication is caused by one of the characters, Shekhar, who runs away from his wife. Later her brother satisfies and provides all the requirements of her sister-in-law. 

Mom And Daughter web series

This series is about a mother and a daughter. Mother makes physical relation with her daughter’s lover. This is very unusual. Watch this series to know what happens next.

Shahad web series

This web series is about a Devar Bhabhi relationship. In this connection, there are two brothers in whom the elder one gets married and the younger brother still remains alone and later falls in love with his sister-in-law. But during this time sister-in-law damages his private part and then applies honey on it. 

Jalebi Bai web series

The story is about a maid who can do anything for money. The woman is very bold in appearance and uses her body for her greed and lust. Like the greedy maid makes physical relations with her master and other people.

Bed break sob web series

Palang Tod Siskiyan web series revolves around an unusual relationship. It is based on the physical relationship between ‘daughter-in-law and father-in-law’. The cast of the series Noor Malbika is playing the lead role in the series along with actress Tarkesh Chauhan is seen in the opposite role. Watch this hottest series on ULLU.

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