Ullu Hot Web Series: Rickshaw Puller Romanced In This Eweb Series, Watch Hot Video

Ullu Hot Web Series

The famous erotic thriller series Rikshawala is back with its third part on ULLU. The makers have released the official trailer of the latest instalment which sees a local rickshaw puller trying to trap two women in his vicious plan.

The last two instalments witnessed how the rickshaw puller was trying to seduce a young woman and at the same time threatening her sister-in-law for a huge sum of money in exchange for leaving the woman alone.

Meanwhile, the latest trailer begins with the rickshaw puller on purpose running into a married woman. Later, he can be seen taking her sister-in-law to different places. When asked, Nisha, the young woman, explained to her sister-in-law that she is going out to her friends and colleagues to give them her wedding invitation. 

Moving on, the trailer unveils that the married woman and the rickshaw puller knew each other already and the latter is trying to threaten her to get money in return to leave her sister-in-law so that she can get married peacefully.

She gives him a bag full of money to leave her family, however, even after getting what he wanted, he yearns for more from her and asks her for sexual favours, which shocks the woman to the core.


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