8 Genius Hacks To Hide Pimples

Primer and Foundation

Use a silicone-based primer to create a smooth base, followed by a full-coverage foundation that matches your skin tone. Gently pat the foundation onto the pimple without rubbing.

Color Corrector

Apply a green color corrector to cancel out the redness of the pimple. Follow with concealer and foundation for a flawless finish.


Choose a creamy, full-coverage concealer that matches your skin tone. Dab a small amount directly onto the pimple and blend the edges gently with a clean fingertip.

Spot Treatment

If the pimple is raised, avoid applying too much product. Instead, use a targeted acne treatment gel to help reduce redness and swelling before applying makeup.

Translucent Powder

After applying concealer and foundation, set your makeup with a translucent powder. This helps to prevent the makeup from sliding off the pimple throughout the day.

Makeup Sponge

Makeup Sponge: Use a makeup sponge to apply and blend your products. The sponge's dampened texture can help create a natural finish and prevent cakey makeup.

Eyeliner or Lip Liner

In a pinch, you can use a sharpened eyeliner or lip liner that matches your skin tone to outline the pimple gently. Blend the edges to create a seamless appearance.


Apply a tiny amount of highlighter to the high points of your face, like your cheekbones and brow bones. This can distract attention from the pimple.