9 Most Handsome Dog Breeds in The World

German Shepherd

Known for their athleticism and intelligence, they are excellent guide dogs, search dogs, and family pets.

Siberian Husky

Beautiful with a thick coat and striking almond-shaped eyes, they are friendly, active, and great family pets.

Alaskan Malamute

Resembling wolves, they have a thick coat and muscular build, but they require lots of grooming and exercise.


Originally from Turkey, they are large, loyal livestock-guarding dogs with a high pain tolerance.

Bernese Mountain Dog

A beautiful Swiss breed with a thick tri-colored coat, they are intelligent and make great farm dogs.

Akita Inu

Large and beautiful, they are loyal and protective, requiring early training and socialization.


Elegant with a flowing white coat, they are small yet brave dogs with a friendly personality.


Quiet and intelligent with a thick and attractive coat, they are easy to train and loving with their family.


Muscular and impressive, they have a black-and-tan coat and are fiercely protective of their families.