Aloo Posto To Shukto: Bengali Vegetarian Dishes Without Onion And Garlic

Dhokar Dalna

A classic Bengali delicacy, dhokar dalna is a curry made out of Bengal gram or cholar dal. It does not use any onion or garlic.

Cholar Dal

Bengal gram dal cooked with split coconut cubes, cholar dal is best enjoyed with luchi.


Shukto is one of the most popular Bengali dishes, made with a vareity of vegetables apart from onion and garlic, in a milk curry.

Niramish Aloo Dum

This is not your average dum aloo with onions and garlic. Niramish (vegetarian) aloo dum is prepared with cumin and roasted masalas. Enjoy it with luchi.

Aloo Posto

A favourite among Bengalis, aloo posto is potato cooked with poppy seeds paste.

Fulkopir Dalna

Another vegetarian curry that's simple to make is fulkopir dalna or aloo gobhi. Unlike in North India, the Bengali version only uses cumin in tadka.


Khichuri is generally prepared as bhog for puja, and therefore does not use any onion or garlic.

Chhana Dalna

Chhana is homemade cottage cheese. The cheese is mixed with boiled potatoes and given the shape of balls, which are then fried and afterwards put into a delectable curry.