Dog Attacks: How to Escape From Dogs? What To Do If Bitten By A Dog?

Bites Are Accidental

The majority of stray dogs do not bite intentionally. Research has shown that about 80% of dog bites are accidental.

For Self Defense

Dogs bark out of fear or self-defense, and in some situations, they may chase individuals.

Don't Worry

In case of a dog attack, one should avoid panicking and stand still. Avoid eye contact with the dog as much as possible, and try to pretend that it has nothing to do with you.

Stop It Like This

If you are facing a deliberate dog attack, fearlessly confront the dog and try to restrain it by blocking it with an object such as a stick.

Don't Be Alone

When facing the risk of a dog attack, it is essential to make gestures to help others while protecting yourself. Avoid being alone as much as possible to reduce the risk of dog attacks.

Rabies Threat

If bitten by a dog, immediate action should be taken to reduce the risk of getting infected with rabies disease. Wash the wound area with soap and distilled water and get anti-rabies vaccinations as per the doctor's instructions.

As a Social Responsibility

If a dog bites you, it should be reported to the municipal staff, who can take appropriate preventive measures against stray dogs. Lack of adequate food for stray dogs is one of the main reasons for dog attacks, so it is essential to feed them in designated areas only.

Mayor's Comments

In the recent Hyderabad dog attack, the dogs were used to meat and attacked due to a lack of food for the past two days. The City Mayor urged people to be responsible and feed the stray dogs in designated areas.

Be Careful in Summer

More trouble is likely to arise with dogs during summer, as they may become impatient and attack locals due to a lack of proper food and water.

Children Beware

It is easy for dogs to attack children, so it is essential to take extra care of children in areas with stray dogs and not leave them alone.