Ruhani Sharma basking in the sun, Maldives style!

Living The Dream

Ruhani Sharma found her paradise in the Maldives – clear waters and endless horizons.

Beach escapade

Ruhani Sharma's beach vacation essentials: sunscreen, shades, and a million smiles.


Mermaid vibes in the Maldives with Ruhani Sharma.

Maldives magic

Ruhani Sharma embracing the island life.

Vacation goals

When life gives you a beach, make it your runway. Ruhani Sharma slaying in Maldives.

Holiday vibes

Ruhani Sharma found solace in the sound of waves and the soft touch of sand.

Maldives diaries

Sea, sand, and Ruhani's radiant smile – a perfect trio in the Maldives.


Ruhani Sharma's heart belongs to the Maldives.

Maldives memories

Ruhani Sharma making waves and leaving footprints in the sand.