Soju And Nine Other Korean Alcoholic Drinks That Locals Love


Gukhwaju is a Korean rice wine flavored with dry chrysanthemum flowers that are macerated while the wine is fermented. According to TasteAtlas, it ranks in the 10th position of best Korean drinks.


Also called as makgeolli, dongdongju is a type of rice wine made with glutinous rice, starter, and water.

Bokbunja- ju

It is also referred to as fruit wine. It is a dark red drink with fruity aromas and flavors. It is not cloyingly sweet and has a dry finish.​


Moju is a thick Korean drink with fairly low alcohol content.


Baekseju is a clear, herb-flavored Korean rice wine made with fermented glutinous rice. Ginseng is the dominant flavor.


Maesil-ju is a traditional Korean liqueur made with small-sized Asian plums (Prunus mume). It is traditionally enjoyed neat, served in small shot glasses.

Somaek i

Somaek is a simple Korean cocktail that combines beer and soju—a traditional Korean rice spirit.


Cheongju is an ancient beverage that was once enjoyed on the royal court, and it is still often used a ceremonial or a welcome drink.


Makgeolli was the most popular Korean drink until the 1980s when it was largely. Also known as farmers' drink


Soju is a clear spirit that is usually low in alcohol and has a mild, neutral flavor, which makes it work well with a wide array of dishes.