The 7 Hair Detriments of Drinking Alcohol


Alcohol increases urine and fluid loss. Dehydration may dry, brittle, and damage hair.

Nutrient Depletion

Alcohol may impair vitamin, mineral, and protein absorption. Deficient nutrition may cause hair loss and dullness.

Imbalanced Hormones

Alcohol disrupts hormone equilibrium. Hormones like testosterone and estrogen may cause hair loss or quality changes.

Reduced Blood Circulation

Alcohol narrows blood vessels, reducing blood flow. Hair follicles need good scalp circulation for nutrition and oxygen. Poor circulation slows hair growth.


Alcohol may inflame the scalp and body. Chronic inflammation causes hair loss and thinning.

Impact on Liver Health

The liver metabolizes alcohol, thus excessive drinking may damage or disease it. Hair follicle health is affected by liver disease.

Stress and Sleep Disruption

Alcohol causes stress and sleep disruption. Poor sleep and chronic stress cause hair loss and other hair concerns.