Top 10 Tiny Dog Breeds

Yorkshire Terrier

Small but mighty lapdogs with big personalities, great for companionship and vigilant watchdog duties, requiring minimal space for exercise.


Various nicknames like doxie and wiener dog, they come in standard or miniature sizes, offering sweet affection to their families while displaying a cautious attitude towards strangers.


The smaller ones known for their long lifespan, intelligence, and curly coats, making them loving companions that require activity despite their minimal space needs.

Shih Tzu

The quintessential lap dogs, bred as companions with long, silky hair that can be trimmed for convenience, known for their hardiness and confident, alert nature.

Miniature Schnauzer

They exhibit loyalty, protectiveness, and vocal tendencies, requiring training and daily exercise while adapting well to small living spaces.


Pint-sized dogs with giant personalities, known for being lovable, loyal, and sassy, bonding closely with their humans while displaying a needing little space for play.


An affectionate and adaptable nature, suited for various living environments, but requiring regular health checkups due to potential breathing and eye issues


Fluffy and regal in appearance, alert and fiercely loyal, they require firm training and exercise with a couple of daily walks to maintain their strong-willed nature.