Top Visa-Free Safari Destinations For Indian Travellers


It might be a less obvious safari choice for many, but you will get numerous options from gorilla treks to coastal safaris to take your wildlife experience to the next level.


Go on a safari here to spot rare species that are rarely found anywhere else on the planet. It’s the world’s fourth largest island and boasts beautiful highlands, and beach biodiversity.


Well, you must be aware of the beauty of the safari circuit here, which not only includes Serengeti, but is also the hotspot of the wildlife corridor’s seasonal migratory crossings.


Here you will find Komodo National Park, where you will get to witness a few of the most gigantic lizards that will likely remind you of their ancestors Dinosaurs.


When in Bolivia, you can opt to take a 4x4 safari to spot jaguars in the Pantanal, or even go ahead to book the Pampas Safari in Rurrenabaque.


You can opt to visit Yala National Park to check out a number of rare species in their natural habitat. You can also opt for Udawalawe National Park to see Asiatic animals and gigantic elephants.


Avoid from avoiding the hassle of Visa, you can opt to turn into a Bedouin, and go on a thrilling dune safari on the Sharqiya Sands to get a glimpse of the nomadic Arab lifestyle.


It’s one of the most underrated safari destinations with hassle-free visa access. It should be in your travel wish list if you want to spot gorilla trekking, or see the big cats roaming around.


Apply for a visa on arrival and you are good to go. Take the safari train through Hwange National Park, take the road less travelled into the Eastern Highlands and the Southern Lowveld.