Vegetarian Foods That Are Rich In Vitamin D


Cheese, especially cottage cheese, is rich in vitamin D. It is easy to get about 0.6 mg of vitamin D with just 50g serving of any type of cheese.


100 grams of mushrooms grown under ultra-violet rays has about 28mg of vitamin D, making it a great option for vegetarians.

Cow milk

Cow milk is known to be a rich source of calcium, but it also has a lot of vitamin D content in it, making it ideal for vegetarians.


Some dairy and nondairy yogurts are fortified in vitamin D, and yogurt is among them.


Spinach is one such leafy green that is packed with vitamin D content. It is rich in vitamin A, iron, and fiber content too.

Soy Products

Be it tofu or plain soy chunks, any soy product is loaded with vitamin D and are readily available in the market.

Fortified Cereals

Oatmeal or other fortified cereals are also a good source of vitamin D that are suitable for vegetarians. Pair with cow milk for better results.


Fruits like oranges and bananas are also a healthy option for vegetarians looking to incorporate vitamin D in their diet.