White And Silver Flowering Plants For Your Moon Garden

What Is A Moon Garden ?

An old Chinese tradition, moon gardens have risen to popularity recently. It is designed specifically for the night, where the moon's light will illuminate the garden full of white and silver plants with calming fragrances.

Plants To Add

Moon gardens largely use flowers and plants that are white or silver in colour so that they glow in the night. Here are a few options.


Moonflower is the night blooming version of morning glory and provides a pop of colour, thanks to the big, white flowers. It's a perfect start for a moon garden.


The big, white flowers of gardenia blooms in the evening when the sun sets, emitting a sweet fragrance. The flower shines bright in moonlight.


Not only is lavender calming with its fragrance, the silver lavender lights up during the night making a moon garden look surreal.

Dusty Miller

If you want to add some silver and foliage to your moon garden, the dusty miller plant is perfect for you.

Casa Blanca Lily

The casa blanca lily is big and white, and will create a statement in your moon garden. The sweer fragrance is an added bonus.

Night Blooming Jasmine

The yellow, white, pink, or green flowers of night blooming jasmine has a strong scent and takes your moon garden to a new level.