World’s safest countries to visit in 2023!


Iceland has managed to remain the world’s most peaceful for the 16th year in a row. It has held the position since 2008, and has some of the lowest military spending and international conflict rates.


Denmark has managed to climb one spot up since 2022, when it was ranked in third position. The nation is known for well-functioning government, and low levels of corruption.


Interestingly, Ireland has jumped 5 spots since last year. It has leaped from number8 to 3! This also means that the top three world’s safest countries this year are in Europe.

New Zealand

It’s down two places from last year’s ranking, although it’s still the safest country in the Asia-Pacific region, and has witnessed improvements in certain areas.


Although Austria dropped one place from last year’s ranking, and ranks at 5th position, it’s still one of the safest countries to visit this year.


Singapore is the newest entry on the list, and scored big on certain categories, such as safety and security, and more.


This country has managed to make significant strides in this context in recent years. Today, it serves as a beacon of low crime rates and economic resurgence.


Slovenia solidified its position in this list in 2020,and managed to stick there since, thanks to extremely low terrorism risk and crime rates.


Japan finds a position in this list with strong safety and security rankings, which means that you can plan a trip to this place without any second thoughts.